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Angela Gheorghiu in Toronto

April 10, 2011

Angela Gheorghiu

On Thursday, April 7, 2011, Angela Gheorghiu gave her solo concert in Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto accompanied by the Canadian Opera Company orchestra, Mr. Steven White conducting. In the cold vastness of this hall, without the support of amplifying equipment, the human voice becomes absorbed to some extent. Yesterday was no exception. All of us who could not get seats within the first 15-ish rows experienced that loss. On the other hand, I have also never heard such long and enthusiastic applause in Toronto.

Angela Gheorghiu has proven to be the greatest soprano singer of today. Her singing is an adventure in storytelling. It is not about the number of octaves in her voice range or the size of her lungs. It is about the seamless, gliding quality which ties together the whole universe of human emotions. Her high pitch is effortless and the tears in her voice are the essence of sorrow. Her deep back-throat notes never dissolved into speech. The beauty of human singing has a cathartic and purifying quality of truth. In the case of Angela Gheorghiu it is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.